Social media empowering your search engine rankings and Traffic

How to use Social media effectively?


Social media has been a revolution in online marketing. If you think, that you are in serious business, and the audience which belong to the social website, (Facebooktwitter,etc), doesn’t suit to your business, then you might be missing most important thing for your online promotion.

It’s really good to see, now search engines also have started to give preference to links that are being shared on these social platforms. Representatives from Bing and Google have confirmed, about the importance which they gives to links that are being most liked on Facebook, and are being most time tweeted on twitter.

Recently launched Google +1 button also confirms this, that Google is also considering social media, as a powerful medium which can influence ranking of webpages. Although they had launched +1 in competition to facebook’s like button. But as of now facebook button seems to be way ahead of Google’s + 1 button, and only time will tell, after the influence which +1 will make in Google’s rankings.

What facebook offers you is a huge database of over 500 million of user, who spend more than 50 mins on an avg. on facebook daily. The content which you share on facebook, get indexed by Google, you can have unlimited number of fans on your fan page, and you can create Viral visibility with your posts and activity from your fans.

If you want to create a killer facebook page, you should follow a six step streatergy for an optimal facebook page.

1.       Design of Facebook Fan page

2.       Content for the page

3.       Promotion of facebook page

4.       Engagement of fans on the page

5.       Converting fans into potential customers

6.       Scalability of the page

For more details on creating a optimal Facebook fan page, read this article

Facebook 101 for Business: Your Complete Guide

Facebook  has devolved such powerful plugins that you can increase traffic upto 50% your website/Blog,  just add facebook like plugin in your blog/website, and produce good quality content you will see the increase in Traffic.

TypePad users who installed the Facebook “Like” widgets on their blog sidebars have experienced a 50% increase in referral traffic from Facebook collectively, TypePad revealed in a blog post. Read complete report here

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